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We all have things that we love, things that help us destress and handle life. One of my loves is skating. It has been something I have enjoyed since I was a child. But Satan has a way of taking away things that we love and stealing them from our life. This has happened with many things I have enjoyed: running, singing, skating, nature, walking . . . Life gets in the way, stressful things happen in our lives and slowly but surely months and even years have passed since we've engaged in the activities that we love so much. Recently, I decided to reclaim these things so  I purchased ice skates and began skating again. It hasn't been easy as medical issues have gotten in the way of my goal but I am determined to push through these challenges and find a way to fit this back into my life.

Today I went to the rink in our area again. Thankfully there were only a few people there so it wasn't crowded. It was a blessing to participate in an activity that I love so much. Something magic happens for me when I skate. I begin enjoying more of my life and God fills me with even more peace. I know I must chisel out more opportunities to fit in the things that I need to survive life. Today I told God that I need His help to regain these things once again. It's time for me to take them back, to reclaim the joy that was stolen from my life.

What has Satan stolen from you? Are there pleasurable activities that you have allowed to slip away from your life? What are they? Heavenly Father may you help each of us reclaim the activities that have been taken away from us. May we begin to delve into these pleasures once again so we can find a haven of peace and reprieve from the stress of our lives.


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