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Purpose, Plan, and Destiny

God has a purpose, plan, and destiny for each of our lives, a reason for us to be born. But Satan has every intention of thwarting the reason why God created us. He doesn't want anyone of us to achieve this plan. Why? If he can cause us to tailspin, put roadblocks in our way, place people in our path to stop us, then we will not be able to do the amazing things God created for us to do. Sometimes he attacks us through sins and habits that prevent us from achieving this destiny, other times he works to destroy our health or to steal away our money so we have difficulty completing the tasks God aches for us to achieve. There are many things that interfere with the purpose, plan, and destiny God has for each of our lives. But I am learning that I can begin to attack these barriers that prevent me from achieving the dreams God has for my life. My first step is to have a daily quiet time with God every day in which I read my Bible and pray. My final step is to attack the strongholds God has placed in my life and in others' lives through spiritual warfare prayers. I am learning to attack the delays, the stubborn situations in my life and the challenges that I face through prayer. The more I read and study about spiritual warfare and the need for God's intervention in situations in my life, the more effective I find that my prayer life becomes. We may each be facing frustration and anger about situations that we are struggling with, or about plans we ache to achieve but can't because of people or circumstances in our lives. It's time we stand up and attack these delays, and difficulties that Satan is throwing in our way. As Christians God has taught us how to fight. We must put on the full armor of Christ and attack these problems with prayer. Sometimes it means God wakes us up in the middle of the night to pray. It may take time for the situation to change, but our job is to continue to pray, continue to attack the delays, the stubborn problems, the difficult situations and people that we have to deal with. These are all things that should remind us to pray. Strongholds, difficulties, and delays can only be removed through prayer. It is time we become prayer warriors. My prayer is that God will reveal to you ways to attack the problems and difficulties that you face in life. May He fill you with wisdom and insight on how to pray and how to intervene. When we pray miracles happen. We can accomplish the plan, purpose and destiny God has for our lives. Delays are thwarted, impossible situations are removed, doors open, funds are returned to us, stubborn problems are removed and a way is made for us to achieve the plan, purpose, and destiny God has for each and every one of our lives.

Heavenly Father, today I pray for each person reading this blog. May you cause them to surrender their lives to you. Cause them to deepen their prayer life and their relationship with you. May you help them to release their hurts, habits, hang-ups, and addictions to you so you can heal them deeply. Please help them heal and Lord help them each to become prayer warriors, people who learn how to attack the roadblocks Satan has placed in their lives that thwart their ability to achieve the purpose, plan, and destiny you have for their lives. May you help each of them grow, heal and thrive so they can achieve the dreams and goals you created them to accomplish. Amen.


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