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My book is finally being sold on Amazon. At last, that story that I carried in my heart for so long is published. The entire world gets to hear about those magical memories, that particular time in my life, and they finally get to meet Larry, his life, and his message are finally being told. I graduated from college with a diploma in my hand and a story in my heart. For 28 years, that story has been floating around in my head, waiting for the right opportunity to come along. It's incredible to think that the year our world was hit with the Covid Pandemic was the year a door finally opened. For years this dream seemed so impossible, but all my hard work and efforts are paying off.

This week, I held my book in my hands for the first time. It was so amazing to hold it! My dream has finally come to life. God at long last helped it come true.

Maybe you have a dream and desire in your heart. Don't lose sight of it. Keep dreaming about it, praying about it, and working toward your goal. If you keep fighting and working toward the dreams you have, things eventually work out. In time and with God's help, your efforts will pay off.


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