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Dark Glasses

Dark glasses of grief. The world of grief has been part of my life since my boyfriend drowned. That event changed my life forever. After his death, my life was so different. It was like I was given a pair of dark glasses. My world seemed so dark and grim. The brightness and joy of my life had suddenly dropped into a dark abyss. It felt like everything around me had changed. Darkness surrounded me. There seemed to be no more joy in my life. Making it through that difficult time was challenging. What finally gave me the motivation and courage to push through the sorrow I felt was writing. My book Legacy of Love: Lessons in Love, Loss, and Recovery is the book that gave me a reason to get up in the morning and the strength to continue living my life. My book will be releasing in two more weeks, and I pray that it will bless, encourage, and inspire others who are facing the difficulties of grief.

My prayer to all of you who are grieving is that God will surround you with His peace and comfort today. May you feel His arms surrounding you, loving you, and filling you with the strength, you need to make it through today.


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