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A Divine Appointment

I love nature. Today was beautiful, and I had the opportunity to go to the park and take a walk. I felt God leading me to a place where my children and I used to go when I was having really bad days. It is a place where there is a waterfall underneath a walkway. This is the place I often retreated to when I needed to regain my sanity and peace. When I went with my children, we were mostly alone. Occasionally, people would join us, but most of the time, we were alone.

Today when I went a boy was down in the waterfall. I decided to go down and join him. I said hi to him, and he followed me up the waterfall path to where I like to sit. Then he sat down near me and began talking to me.

He told me he wanted to be an entomologist. He said he has Autism, and when he was younger, he was fascinated with trains. He knew everything about them and was obsessed with them. But then Covid hit, and he started going outside and became fascinated with insects. This began his study and learning about the world around him and led to his interest in becoming an entomologist. I told him I was thrilled he had goals and dreams that he wanted to pursue, as I think this is such an important thing for everyone to do.

He also talked about his concern for his friends and peers and how he reaches out to people when he learns they are struggling. I told him that was awesome. We never know what other people are going through.

Then we began talking about evolution and creation, and he explained his beliefs and thoughts about them. I listened, and then I told him that the place that could really help him understand this better is the Creation Museum. I asked him if he had ever been there, and he said no. Then he opened his phone and made a note. He said he would like to go there.

We talked for a bit longer, and then he said bye to me and walked down the waterfall to continue his study.

It was a divine appointment. We had such a wonderful conversation. He was an incredible young man!

I don't know the outcome of our conversation; only God does. However, I hope and pray that God will help him understand the truths he has been grappling with and that he will develop a deep relationship with God. I also pray that God will bless this young man.

I walked away feeling blessed by this divine appointment with this young man.

What divine appointments have you had? I pray that each of you will recognize these moments God places in your life and that the Holy Spirit will fill you with wisdom regarding how to respond.


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