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Support Team

Two years ago I entered a program that would change my life in a positive way. At that time so many negative things had come crashing into my life. It was all I could do to put one foot in front of the other. I was stressed out, emotionally frazzled and often in tears. My coping strategies were not good. Getting up in the morning required God prying me from my bed. I was ready to give up completely. But it was then that God threw me a lifeline or I would have drowned. Things got worse before they got better. First God had to remove me from an unhealthy church, one that wasn't the right fit for me. Then He scooped me up and dropped me back into the church that had supported me in the past. It was there that God began to work. A couple weeks later I was speaking to someone at church who offered to pray for me and they directed me to Celebrate Recovery. They told me when it met and where to go. When I told them about my work schedule, I was told not to worry about being late. Just come they said. I didn't know what I was dealing with that first night. I went in and learned how the program worked and began to share a bit about my life with the person I met with during my small group. That night was the beginning of a new path. Little by little God began to teach me steps to help me find the healing, support and help that I so desperately needed. The bad coping strategies I had been using my entire life were eventually stripped away from me. Instead of reaching for things that hurt me, I began to reach for God and for people that were there to support me. Changes began to happen in my life. Glimmers of light began to return to me. The heavy rocks I carried in my backpack slowly were removed. I began to find peace and hope again. The heaviness in my heart slowly lifted as I continued to work my program.

Every day is a process. Daily I continue to work my program. The CR saying is that there are those in recovery and those that need recovery. This side of heaven all of us have challenges we face. None of us are perfect. There are things each of us struggles with but I've learned that with God's help changes can happen. I have watched God change me. Yet, I also know that daily I have work to do. Each day I have to process where I am and how I am doing and puzzle through what I am doing right now and what I need to change. Today was a tough day as many of my days have been recently but I made a bad decision to go back to bed rather than get up early this morning. This stressed me out because I had tons to do and little time to accomplish the things I needed to do. Anxiety and stress consumed me. As I drove to work I knew it was time for me to rework my life again. As I puzzled through my feelings and tears I realized that it was time I rethought about my support system. I needed to ask for help. My independent personality was holding me back and hampering me from receiving the support I so desperately needed. Support is something everyone needs. It was time for me to rework this so I didn't crumble apart. These are things that I am learning to do because of the process of working my program. Thankfully a solution happened when I asked for help. God is so good. He always provides for our needs just when we need it. I may be stressed out, worried, overwhelmed and exhausted but God always has a solution to my needs. When I step back and think about what I am doing and begin to puzzle things out, He provides the solution I need.

Are you feeling stressed out and overwhelmed today? Is anxiety washing over you and weighing you down? Are you feeling stressed out by work? Do you have a support system? Do you have a church that supports and loves you? If you are struggling with any of these things I pray that God will help you come up with a solution that is right for you. May you find a support system that will be there to pray for you, talk to you and to be there for you when you need it most. My hope is that God will give you the wisdom and solution you need in your life. He always has a solution. All we have to do is ask.

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