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On my way home from a prayer group this week, I listened to Nightsounds on the radio and it brought back memories. I was reminded of how much that program meant to me during a very difficult time in my life.  It was the calm and peace that my broken, grieving heart so desperately needed.  After completing my bachelor's degree, I left the campus where memories plagued and tormented my heart.  In my need God opened doors for me to be a task force dean at a boarding academy where my grieving mind was kept busy during the day and where my grieving heart kept me awake at night.  But it was there that God began to work to heal me. Programs like Nightsounds began to speak to my heart.  Slowly, I began writing my story.  Night after night I would write, pouring out my heart in the pages of my journal.  I would write until exhaustion washed over me and I could finally fall asleep. Slowly, my book took shape in that special place.

But grief is something that can still wrap its tentacles around me. For years I have struggled when memories and pain wash over me.  A year ago when I was working on editing my book, grief was working its way into my life and holding onto me with such a tenacious grip that I couldn't handle it.  I finally signed up for a Grief Share Group and for the first time in my life I was surrounded with a group of people who understood my pain. We shared our stories, our pain, our struggles and little by little God began to work in my life.  The death grip that grief had on my life was released and I watched God take away another chain that had been tangled around me for so many years.  I also realized that it was time to let someone else  help me finish my book so a friend of mine is editing it as that process is just too painful for me to do.  

Grief is a very difficult road.  Darkness consumes you for a long time making you think you will never find light again but it does come. Little by little rays of light begin to spill into the darkness and eventually there is more and more light. It is a very tough journey but support groups, Bible promises, friends and radio programs can help bring morsels of strength even in the darkness.  

Maybe you are facing grief and sorrow today.  My prayer for you is that God will bring rays of sunshine to encourage you today.  May you find the hope you need just when you need it most.  When you feel down may God fill you with just the thing you need to make it through.  He knows what you need today.  May you be filled with comfort and peace today.  

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