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Hold On

As a young child I spent hours at my great Aunt Lola’s home playing with my cousins and riding horses.  One day I was in my aunt’s front yard riding her pony, Cindy. Something spooked Cindy and the next thing I knew the horse began galloping rapidly across the yard.  I lost the reigns in the jolt when Cindy raced off so I grabbed a hold of the horses mane and neck and held on for dear life.  My cousin began yelling to my aunt and they began running across the yard to help me.  Cindy ran for what seemed like forever  as I hung on praying I wouldn’t fall off.  My aunt kept yelling, “Hang on tight, Debbie,  Don’t let go!”  Eventually, the horse ran to the back pasture and began rubbing itself on the fence nearly knocking me off the saddle. Just then my aunt came racing over to help me and she lifted me off the horses back and took me inside where she comforted my anxious heart. She hugged me and told me how thankful she was that I held on and didn't get hurt.  

This story has been running through my mind as I think about my life.  This has been the story of my life.  I hang on for dear life as one storm after another crashes through my life.  Over and over again I have dealt with one trial after another but I have continued to hold on, determined not to fall off or give up.  It is determination, God’s strength and sheer will power that has kept me going.  By the grace of God I have made it through. 

Maybe you feel like I did when I was riding the out of control pony.  You are hanging on for dear life. In the moment things seem frightening and overwhelming but you must stay on and keep focused.  Don’t give up.  God is right there in the middle of the mess you are in.  He has a plan and a solution to help you.  

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