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All day I have been thinking about an issue that has been plaguing my mind all year. Our society is surrounded with sex. We are inundated with it everywhere that we turn and I am watching young men treat women as objects. They use women to fill their craving and desires. An obsession with sex is everywhere. Men take a tally of how many women they have done it with. It has become a game for them. They no longer take "No" for an answer. In fact "No" seems to turn them on. Men, what on earth is wrong with you? Why can't you understand that women are not property or an object that can be used to fill your desire? You see them as a vehicle to satisfy your pleasure but what you don't realize is that women suffer when you do this. Women are just as fragile as the china dish that you eat your meals on. They have feelings. When you force yourself on women this trauma is forever etched in their minds. The purity of what sex was designed for is lost. It was intended to be a gift. What it is being used for is not a gift. Now it has become anything but a gift. You are stealing the joy and satisfaction God intended this to be. It's no wonder so many women can't stand men. Think about it, men. What you are doing is simply animalistic. There is no other way to put it. Please stop. It is time for all of you men to purify yourselves from this evil behavior. The only way to do this is to kneel down at the feet of Jesus and ask Him to purify and cleanse you. Ask Him to take away your addictions to pornography, your addiction to sex . . . It is possible only if you embrace your addiction, confess your sin to Him and begin to grow closer to Him. My desire is for all of you to become the men God intended you to be. Men that see women through the beauty God intended you to see us, not through the eyes of an animal who only fills its pleasures and desires. May God make you into men of respect and purity.

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