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The Promised Land

Tonight a thought crossed my mind as I thought about the horrendous year we've had. For a while, I've known that I am in the desert and have been for forty long years. My wilderness experience has been lonely and difficult but through it all God has been with me every step of the way. This year we've been dealing with flaming arrows and darts everywhere we turn. In all areas of our life, we are facing challenges. Every time we turn around there is turmoil. Tonight a ceiling globe almost hit my daughter on the head when it fell from the ceiling. All around us we seem to be up to our eyeballs in alligators. Then I thought about the Israelites. When Moses spoke to Pharaoh about letting the Israelites go things became more difficult for them. Instead of having straw to make bricks they were asked to collect the straw themselves. The quota of bricks they needed to make remained the same and their taskmasters became crueler. Life became so much tougher for them. That has been our life this year. It has been a very rocky year for us in many ways. But I keep saying God has something He is about to do for us. That thought will not leave my mind. He is working out a plan and although I don't know what that plan is I have to trust Him. All I know is that there is a restlessness in my soul. There is an ache for change to happen. God is up to something and even in the mess and turmoil in my life, I have to trust Him. He has a plan that I cannot fathom. In His time things will get better just as they did for the Israelites. My belief is that He will scoop my daughter and I up and carry us to the Promised Land. We just have to keep trusting Him no matter how difficult our circumstances are. Good will come out of the bad in our lives. God's plan will work out.

Are you facing a challenging year this year? My hope is that you continue to cling to God and trust that even in the difficulties you face that good will come. Don't give up. Keep trusting in God even in the trials you face. We must not lose heart.

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