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Unraveled. That one word has been toying in my mind all day as I think about my life. What I see is a skein of yarn that has been knit into a beautiful garment. The stitches are removed from the needle and the lose end of yarn is pulled. Suddenly, the beautiful garment is just a bundle of wavy yarn. All that hard work has been destroyed in a split second. That is exactly what my life feels like. That mass of yarn lies in a heap waiting for the master craftsmen to reconfigure the beautiful garment all over again. But I lie in a heap on the floor as I see the product of so many hours of hard work come unraveled before my eyes. It is painful! How on earth will good come out of this mess that lies before me now? This question has plagued my mind all day. Will good come out of this mess? All I see is a disaster. Then the vision hit me tonight. What God wants to do with this unraveled tangle that I see. His desire is to weave it into something finer and better than anything I could ever create. This time He will weave beautiful threads of color into the design and the marred areas that were present will suddenly disappear. God is in the process of taking that mess and turning it into something beautiful. I must trust my Master even now. He has a plan that I cannot fathom. So here I am trusting that God will take the mess, the unraveled yarn that I have and create something awesome. My job is to thank God for what He is doing in my life even when I'm unable to see it. Then I must trust Him.

Do you feel as I do that your life is like unraveled yarn? My hope is that we can all learn to trust and thank God for what He is doing even in the midst of our messes. In His perfect time we will see the beauty He is creating.

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