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Relinquishing Control

Hi, my name is Debbie. I'm a grateful believer in Jesus Christ who struggles with abandonment, rejection, isolation and grief. I'm writing these words because my hope is that all of us will take the time to take off our masks and embrace the challenges we face. Each of us face difficulties and struggles in this world but until we face these things, embrace them for what they are and ask God to help us, healing cannot happen. We must first stop denying that we have a problem. When we identify our issues then God can step in and begin to heal and help us. Don't be afraid to insert your name in the beginning sentence and identify what your struggles are. This is the beginning of amazing changes inside of you.

Today I couldn't help thinking about my life and things I want to hold onto. In my hand is an uncooked egg. My tendency is to want to squeeze that egg so firmly that it breaks. The result is the oozing of the contents inside and what it looks like in my life is a mess. I must learn to relinquish my grip on that "egg" and trust God to resolve the problems and challenges in my life. Until I release my grip and give it to God He cannot do what He is wanting to do with these difficulties in my life. I've also learned that even when I'm squeezing the egg firmly I still have no control of anything in my life. It is like grains of sand that slip through my fingers no matter how much I want to hold it in my hands. My job is to learn to trust God, to relinquish the things that I want so desperately to control. So today in the middle a difficulty I must trust God to lead in this situation. My job is to move through the open door He created and to trust Him to work things out in His own perfect way.

Do you have difficulties that you are facing in your life today? My prayer is that you will turn them over to God and allow Him to lead and help you.

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