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Mordor Days

The Lord of the Rings books have been running through my mind. Frodo and his trip to Mordor have been something firmly etched in my mind as I seem to be walking along that same grim, dark, gloomy road today. There is a blackness that is so thick as I journey down that road and relive memories that I thought I had long forgotten. But somewhere they have been pulled out and resurfaced in my mind. The eyes of Golem are gleaming at me reminding me that my desires will do no good as there is more elsewhere that he will threaten and torment my mind with. There is no peace as I travel down this road. I cry out to God begging for this journey to Mordor to end. It is the most solitary road anyone could ever travel down. All that surrounds me are the gleaming eyes of Golem and darkness so thick and heavy that it almost suffocates me. Poor dear Frodo in his journey to save his friends understands this difficult road. But Jesus also understands this path of pain. He had to carry his own cross that He was crucified on. The darkness and sorrow Jesus faced is no different than what I have faced. He understands my pain and suffering that were depicted so amazingly in J.R.R Tolkien's book and in the story of the crucifixion of Jesus. The heaviness and pain and suffering of these journeys are things that we may face here on this earth. There may be tough and difficult days that we have to push through on this earth but Jesus' crucifixion is a reminder that God will win in the end. Just as Frodo won on His journey we too will win as well because Jesus went before us and paved the road for us to have a victory.

Some days it takes lots of prayer to make it through the day. Today has been one of those days. I asked God for help. I received it. And then God provided a reminder to me in the form of a crescent moon that was like a cradle in the sky. As I stared up at the sky God reminded me that He was there ready to hold me in his arms, place me in my bed and allow me to rest while he rocked me to sleep and comforted me. He is a God that knows exactly what I need when I need it most.

Maybe there will be Mordor days in all of our lives where it takes everything in our power to fight the devil and make it through the day but God is with us all the way and He will cause us to be victorious. With Him we will have the strength, power and help we need to make it through. He will provide the armor we need to succeed and to thwart the devil.

May we cry out to God on our Mordor days and reach out to our friends for help. God will provide the strength, help and power we need to make it through. We will be victorious. God will win! May we never lose heart!

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