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Some days are so difficult to move through. It has been a very challenging day with pain that I have been dealing with from past experiences. In my anguish I turned on Pandora and listened to hymns from my speaker. There is something so awesome about hymns to me. They washed over my heartache like the waves of an ocean and began to ebb away the pain that consumed my life. Each one spoke to my heart and helped me find the peace to relax and rest during the early morning hours. I lay on my pillow relaxing beside my dog as the words from the hymns ministered to my broken, hurting heart. Nothing ministers to me like hymns do. There is so much depth and meaning in the words from the hymns. The words touch my heart deeply in a way that the music of today cannot. I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to listen to the music that touches my heart so deeply.

As I lay there God spoke to me and ministered to my wounded heart and mind. He spoke words of assurance, love and encouragement as I drifted off into a slumber. Every time I awoke the pain returned but God continued to comfort and minister to me as I listened to the hymns I have grown to love.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to listen to the songs that mean so much to me. God in His goodness suggested I get a speaker months ago and it has been the best thing I could have ever done. There is nothing more meaningful to me than listening to music when I am feeling melancholy.

We all have moments when life seems to come crushing in on us. Pain consumes our thoughts and we feel we will never find a way past that hurt. God is there even during these difficult moments. We can call out to him to help us during these painful times. May we all cling to him for the support and strength we need.

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