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Pilot or Copilot?

Recently, I was having a conversation with God. As I thought about my day and my life, the image of a plane entered my mind and once again I slipped back in time to the days when I flew in my grandfather’s Cessna. He was a pilot and I will never forget how meticulously he looked over every part of his plane to ensure that every instrument was functioning correctly before taking off. A little bug lived in his lights and he called that insect his copilot. I loved flying with my grandfather. With him as my pilot, I had total trust that we would land safely. We always did too.

This week my prayer with God turned to the concept of my flights with my grandfather. God wants to be the pilot of our “airplane,” us. He wants to be in charge of everything in our lives but God is amazing He refuses to be the pilot of anything we don’t relinquish to Him. But the thing is that when He isn’t in control of all areas of our life, we often really screw things up. Our life spins out of control, life becomes unmanageable and we begin to lose hope just like a plane spinning out of control in the air.

I decided to ask God to be the pilot of every area of my life specifically with my finances. For so many years we have been barely surviving in this area. Many look at us and think all is well but truthfully most of the past seventeen years have been one of tremendous difficulty in this area. Yes, I have asked God to help but student loans, litigation, horrendous medical expenses and so many other things have remained and at times it seems we will never get on top of it. But last week I said, “God I want you to help me claim what to do with every dollar you give me. From now on I want you to take over everything in this area and in all other areas of my life. I have a goal for this year and it is a huge goal, one that will take a miracle to achieve. Please take over this vision Lord. All of my money is yours. May you give me wisdom and guidance to prioritize things so I can achieve the dream I sense you want me to accomplish this year. Please take over all areas of my life Lord. I relinquish them all to you. You are the pilot of my life. Now I need you to lead me.”

The day after this prayer I opened my mailbox and two envelopes dropped out. Inside both of them was money. God reminded me that He was in control. This money answered two more of my prayers.

When we relinquish everything to God, He can do amazing things in our lives. Is it time for you to ask Him to take over the control of your life? Do you want God to be the copilot or the pilot of your life? Analyze your life and ask yourself what areas are you struggling with? Is He the pilot of those areas of your life? If not maybe it’s time to change seats with God. May we all be willing to let Him be the pilot of our lives!

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